Rachel Sadava – Owner

Rachel began her Yoga practice 9 years ago, here in Victoria. Within her practice she found, a greater ability to be at peace with her mind, body and constant change that is life! Her belief in Yoga’s transformative abilities led her to expand her knowledge through the Yandara Institute in Baja where she received her RYT 200 in 2006. Since then she has received further training in Yin Yoga, Pre/Post Natal, Trauma and Mental Health, and Kids and Family Yoga.

Rachel has a strong background working with populations facing multiple barriers, in Victoria’s non-profit sector. This departure from Social Services to owning a Yoga studio is a big transition, but Rachel is thrilled with the opportunity to combine these passions through the Yoga Den’s Vision Programming. Rachel will continue her work offering yoga to individuals living in supported housing facilities in addition to her classes at the studio.

A resident of Fernwood, Rachel feels deeply connected to her community and is excited to offer a space committed to accessibility and honouring each individual’s journey of well-being.

Rachel teaches Yin at the Yoga Den.


Katyanna is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of the yogic science. She began her teaching journey studying Hatha yoga while living in Hawaii in 2006. After several years of teaching, she expanded her studies by travelling to India and earning her 200 hour certification in traditional Ashtanga, traditional Hatha, Pranayama and meditation techniques. Feeling compelled to stay in India, Katyanna spent months travelling and studying various traditional techniques throughout India. While in India she accepted a position as Senior Yoga Teacher at a yoga community in Nicaragua. For a year, Katyanna enjoyed meeting students from all over the world while planning and hosting various retreats. When Katyanna was offered the position of Senior Yoga Teacher of a 200 hour yoga teacher training school in India, she was thrilled to return to a land that means so much to her. She moved back to India where she assisted aspiring teachers and shared in the gift of yoga.

Katyanna’s classes have a strong focus on connecting breath and movement, while allowing students the opportunity to observe the physical body. She believes in teaching with compassion by guiding the students to find the expression of the posture that is perfect for them.

Katyanna is the founder of Suryalma yoga, an informational yoga website for teachers and practitioners, www.suryalmayoga.com.

Katyanna teaches Flow  classes and is the Senior Instructor (E-RYT 200 HR) for the Yoga Den’s 200-HR Teacher Training Program.

Melissa F

Melissa is an architect and yoga teacher, which she feels is the natural resolve from a lifelong interest in structure and movement. She was drawn to yoga for its holistic ability to heal body – mind – spirit, and quickly discovered a strong sense of ‘arrival’ when on the mat. That feeling of coming home, coming within.

Melissa appreciates the discipline of study and observation, while enthusiastically encouraging a joyful freedom of expression. This informs her playful flow class which calls attention to alignment and personal exploration. For her, there is a precious moment in yoga where all the un-serving, un-necessary worries and negative thoughts are stripped away, reducing a person to their core essence; pure, true, and beautiful. In a complimentary instant, the spirit is reinforced, swelling the heart and resting the mind. Yoga creates the space for healthy patterns to develop, for happiness, for acceptance, for peace. Yoga is the great unifying practice. Melissa practices yoga to reconnect with self, to open her mind and body, and to be reminded of our inner and ever present guiding light.

Melissa completed the 200 RYT course in 2008 and is near completion of the 500 Yoga Therapy course through Ajna Yoga School. She has taught yoga in Canada and Ireland, and is very happy to be back sharing a practice with her friends at the Yoga Den.

Melissa teaches Flow on Thursday nights at the Yoga Den.


Andrea’s mom claims she began to dance as soon as she began to walk. At the age of 3, Andrea was enrolled in her first dance class. She continued to study and perform ballet, tap, and contemporary dance all the way through university until recurrent knee injuries forced her to choose a different path. That path was yoga.

In yoga, as Andrea’s extroverted performer was reluctantly relegated to the role of audience member, the inner exploration took over. Andrea was surprised to find she could make peace with- even heal- some of her injuries simply by quieting the mind, tuning in to her own body, and practising ahimsa (non-harm). Since 2000, Andrea has pursued a dedicated yoga practice, studying Iyengar, Ashtanga, Power Vinyasa, and Raja styles. Her teachers have included Eoin Finn, Elizabeth Peckham, Ann-Kathrin Martins and Norman Sim.

Andrea is a CYA RYT-200 Yoga Teacher, completing her Yoga Teacher Training with Eoin Finn in 2011. Andrea teaches alignment-based vinyasa yoga, flow yoga, and power yoga, as well as a unique fusion of rhythmic yoga flow and dance movement known as Bellyfit Flow™. Andrea continues to be in awe of the capacity of yoga to inspire healing, mental clarity, humility, gratitude, positive intention, and unite community with love and grace.

Andrea teaches Inspired Flow at the Yoga Den.


I am wildly in love with life. I have always had an unyielding fascination for exploring the world around me and am forever seeking the next adventure. When I discovered yoga years ago, I realized its ability to make every aspect of my life become a bit brighter.

My journey with yoga has been all about surrendering, letting go and becoming completely present with the experience. Each day, each practice, each breath, I am continually growing, learning, transforming and falling in love with yoga all over again.

I completed my first teacher training in 2010 with the Rameen Peyrow of the Sattva School of Yoga and over the last few years, have deepened my studies with him as well as teachers in Maui and India. I’m honoured to get to share my passion and help others along their own unique yoga journey.

I believe that if we can cultivate this balance, happiness and freedom first on the mat, it will inevitably trickle into our lives and out into the world.

Hailey teaches Flow on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Fernwood Yoga Den.


I was introduced to yoga over ten years ago and even still in each class I move deeper within my journey of self-discovery. As I explored the many avenues of yoga, I realized how powerful the practice is as a holistic therapy. It carried me to pursue meditation and find a sense of calmness in whatever was passing through my life. This practice has offered me empowerment, more than I could have ever known. It doesn’t matter the type of class I am practicing – the gift that I receive every time is that special time being with my Self. It is here that I found passion – not only for my practice on the mat, but for my practice in every moment of my life.

Studying yoga and receiving my certification in 2010 has led me to developing my personal practice and given me the confidence in sharing this practice with so many courageous students. Nothing excites me more than arriving to a studio of students eager to learn more about who they are and what they stand for; to discover the power of presence. Truthfully, no matter how I arrive at the mat, I leave class feeling eternally grateful for this gifts that I receive as a teacher. The teachings move through all of us and each of us have the opportunity to discover and explore these ancient Universal teachings together.

Jacquie teaches Yin and Flow evenings and weekends.



Why do you teach Yoga?

I believe whole-heartedly in the transformative power of yoga, and that is why I teach. Yoga has had a profoundly positive impact in my life. Through my personal practice I found a deeper connection to myself and other beings, a greater sense of compassion and ease, and a profound enthusiasm for this curious thing we call life! It is my joy and great privilege to share this beautiful path with you.

What can students expect from your classes?

My role is to hold the space for you to uncover, discover, and practice presence by engaging with your physical, mental, and emotional experience from moment to moment. In life we are too often taught to live by the adage “no pain, no gain”. In Yoga we learn to live by the principle, “no pain, no pain”. Therefore, I always encourage you to start where you are and to listen intently to your inner teacher. I offer clear instruction, alignment principles, encouragement, and joy. I look forward to meeting you on the mat!


Brian James Kroeker

Brian teaches Hatha Vinyasa Yoga in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar and has studied extensively with senior teachers in this tradition including Srivatsa Ramaswami and Mark Whitwell. He strives to teach in a way that is rooted in tradition but relevant to our modern world and radically inclusive of anyone interested in Yoga, regardless of gender, body type, age or cultural background.

Brian’s classes emphasize integration of breath and movement within intelligent sequencing that’s designed to improve whole body health and facilitate a deep connection between mind and body. His classes weave together breath, movement, sound and meditation for a powerful, but accessible and adaptable practice.

Brian Teaches Hatha Yoga at 10:30 Saturdays and Noon on Sundays at the studio.

B. Joel

I began teaching to share my insights and experiences of yoga through my self inquisition, and the information taught to me through my teachers and instructors. I believe in the traditions and teachings of those who come before me, but my classes aren’t necessarily traditional. I try to instil lightness and joy into the classes, to explore, to experiment, to create a space that’s accessible but challenging. Light but strong. Meditative, occasionally esoteric, but always with the intent to share in a deeper level of consciousness.

Besides my passion for teaching and meditation, I’m a composer and a music producer by day. I firmly believe in the energetic power of music and use this energy to intentionally enhance the experiences of class. My classes have music as diverse, as fun, as serious and as intentional as the moment calls for.

I believe in teaching intelligent cues based on current methodology and not necessarily on traditionally taught rigid alignment. I believe in the transformative power of strengthening and engaging muscles to protect joints for individual bodies, not a one size fits all approach. I believe in embracing where each individual is in their practice and giving them the space to create free flowing energetic lines for themselves.

I look forward to teaching and practicing with you!