Restorative Yoga Sessions - Fernwood Yoga Den
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Restorative Yoga Sessions

Class Schedules

We have a wide range of classes and workshops for all levels. Whether it’s your first time practicing, you’re advancing into teacher training or you’re simply passionate about the art of yoga, we have something that will suit you and your practice.

Private Restorative Yoga Sessions

In your private restorative session, you will be guided through a relaxing sequence of restorative poses, using props, blankets and various supports designed to reduce tension and stress. The sessions are designed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system –  the state in which our bodies can access their own healing potential.

Guided mediation, breath work and Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) are incorporated with the intention to help you develop an ongoing home based practice to compliment your class work. Restorative yoga was developed for times of injury when an active practice is inaccessible, as well as to help with fatigue, insomnia, stress, grief and loss, and self-care.

Rachel is an experienced 500Hr Certified instructor with a background in Trauma work and specialization in Restorative Therapeutics. She teaches Restorative Yoga modules for both Brahmanda School of Yoga and Yoga Mala’s 500 Hour Teacher Training programs.

Email with any questions about booking workshops, trainings and private restorative sessions.


Our vision at the Fernwood Yoga Den is to create a space where all members of the community here in Victoria, BC are warmly welcomed – a place where everyone is included and we can share in the transformational practice of yoga together.