Our vision at the Fernwood Yoga Den is to create a space where all members of the community are warmly welcomed – a place where everyone is included and we can share in the transformational practice of yoga together.

We want to make a positive change in the world Рand so a portion of all profits earned by the Yoga Den go to support our Vision Programming Рthese are classes offered to students who would not have the financial ability to otherwise participate in yoga. We offer Trauma-Sensitive Yoga on-site to women who are living with depression, anxiety, grief or who are healing from trauma. By purchasing a punchcard or monthly pass, you are personally facilitating access to yoga for another student. This is sangha (community) in action!

We welcome you to the Yoga Den and look forward to learning with you!


The Yoga Den is located in a cozy space! So in order to ensure everyone’s comfort, there are some guidelines we all need to adhere to:

Upon entering the studio, please remove your shoes and store them in one of the shoe cubbyholes – this prevents dirt from being tracked into the practice space.

The studio entrance (on the side of the building) may be locked when class is in session, so as not to disturb the students in that class. If you arrive and the door is locked, please be patient. The teacher will open the door 15 minutes before your scheduled class. Feel free to have a tea with our friends at the Cornerstone Cafe while you wait!

Accordingly, classes will start on time. If the entrance is locked, this means class has begun – late-comers cannot be admitted to the class in progress. Please do not knock on the glass door or windows, as this disturbs your fellow students.

There is a washroom/ change room in The Yoga Den and space to store your belongings in the studio, while you are in class. Please be sure that your cell phone is turned to silent before class starts!

Unfortunately, we do not have space for mat storage at The Yoga Den. Please be sure you have all your belongings when you leave class. Lost and Found items will be stored at the front desk for 1 month before they are donated to charity.

The Yoga Den is a place for learning and growth – as such, respectful conduct is required at all times. We have a Zero-Tolerance Policy in regard to gossip, rudeness or hostility in any capacity. The Yoga Den is a safe space for students and teachers alike and we ensure this by practicing ahimsa (non-harming conduct) with one another.

We hope you enjoy our studio and what it brings to yoga victoria!



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