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The Den Gallery is a space dedicated to local artists. By supporting the creativity of our local community, this space is intended to inspire inquiry, connection, and joy in our lives.


“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.”
-Anni Albers


Featured Exhibit: “Moirai” Watercolors by Wesley Jobe



By: Wesley Jobe

 Most simply stated “One’s purpose or fate”.

During the past year I set out to sit in. To stay home, and be with myself and embrace the winter months and the introversion that seemed to be encouraged by the global state. Amidst this condensing and contracting feeling I reflected on what would be the best use of my time. Art has been a thread of my entire life. But this year more than ever, I challenged myself to make it mean something more than a way to relax, or to escape into myself, or to simply have fun with less. Allowing myself to go deeper, into my reflective nature, and into my desire to make art that I actually enjoy. Not trying to make it anything but a refined essence of my love. And love for self was paramount in this quiet practice. So my purpose here feels as though no matter what I do in this world, I will do it with love, vulnerability, integrity, joy, reverence, gratitude, and with passion for all the wonders of life. To manifest something that can transmit these feelings to others who may bear witness. The invitation with my artwork is to look closer, not just at the painting, but at all of life. Look deeper, if something seems a certain way from a distance, what might change if you stay a while longer? Gaze into each aspect and stay curious to what it feels like for you. My art is not to tell any one specific story, but to inspire you to write your own. The strong motif in this exhibit is that of the portal, the gate, the doorway. There is mystery beyond the threshold, maybe fear of the unknown. But if we allow ourselves to pause and rest a while at the gates of change, even marvel at the details of the magical symbol that they are, we may find peace in the silence, and the stillness. Maybe it’s okay to take our time, and to not feel ready to step through just yet. The power in us lies in our courage to stay when life feels like it is telling us to go. And as others walk through these gates, we can be the stable ones to welcome them into our lives when the time is right too.

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