Maintaining Your Self in Busy Times

Maintaining Your Self in Busy Times

It seems as soon as Halloween rolls around we are inundated with reminders that the holiday season is arriving – For many this means a sense of stress and obligation sets in, and practices of self care become less of a priority or we let go of it completely. If you have found that you are in a pattern of this over the years, perhaps scheduling and committing yourself in advance to practices and time that nourish you over the holidays- will help you emerge from these months feeling more balanced, more yourself. Take some to reflect on what you need to maintain your own peace of mind and health- and create space and opportunities for this.

In the Health and Wellness field, we see a massive influx of people pursuing self care and health in January- while this is wonderful, they are often seeking it from a place of depletion and exhaustion that began months before. A new year is a wonderful opportunity to begin a new intention for deeper transformation and grown- But what can we do to arrive at that starting line, more balanced and rested and ready for that challenge?

If you can’t maintain your regular practice, and it seems impossible to schedule things in, than maybe you can expand your idea of what it means to practice self care- perhaps you trade a Yoga class or getting to the gym, for a Bath or a long conversation on the phone with a friend- The last thing we need is to compound stress with any feelings of shame.

We have some really amazing opportunities to practice over the holidays here at the Den if you can carve out the time for yourself.

Tiana and Grace will be leading a Sattva Intensive the first week of December, Mon/Wed/Fri 6-8Am Dec 4-8th. If your now familiar with the Sattva practice the Guiding Principles are

1. Sthira-sukham asanam . Posture is steady and comfortable.

2. Prayatna-saithilyananta-samapattibhyam Perfection in a posture is achieved when the effort to perform it becomes effortless and the infinite being within is reached.

3 . Self-observation without criticism.


Katyanna Ryan Will follow that up with an Vinyasa and Bhakti Intensive over the next two weeks, Dec 11th-22nd, Mon/Wed/Fri 6-8am.


Contact us with any questions and sign up online to reserve a space.


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