Our workshops are designed to provide something for everyone. Curated to focus on individual or combined techniques, each course is unique and thoughtfully taught by one of our experienced teachers or guest teachers.


Rachel is the Den’s Studio Director. She began her Yoga practice 14 years ago while completing her Social Justice degree. Within her practice she found, a closer connection to her own truth and a greater ability to meet others in theirs. Her belief in Yoga’s transformative abilities led her to expand her knowledge through the Yandara Institute in Baja where she received her RYT 200 in 2006. Since then she has received further training in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra, Pre/Post Natal, Trauma and Mental Health, and Kids and Family Yoga, and received her RYT 500 in 2016. Rachel has a strong background working for 10 years with populations facing multiple barriers, specifically homelessness and domestic violence in Victoria’s non-profit sector.

Rachel Believes strongly in our communities responsability to make healing Modalities accessible to everyone and this belief led her to combine her passion for Social Justice and Yoga and mediation in the work she now does.

Rachel teaches Restorative and Yin classes at the Den,  Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Private Restorative Yoga sessions, and  Trauma Informed Teaching techniques and Yin within Brahmandas Yoga Teacher Training Program.

To Connect -rachel@fernwoodyogaden.com


Katyanna is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of the yogic science. She began her teaching journey studying Hatha yoga while living in Hawaii in 2006. After several years of teaching, she expanded her studies by travelling to India and earning her 200 hour certification in traditional Ashtanga, traditional Hatha, Pranayama and meditation techniques. Feeling compelled to stay in India, Katyanna spent months travelling and studying various traditional techniques throughout India. While in India she accepted a position as Senior Yoga Teacher at a yoga community in Nicaragua. For a year, Katyanna enjoyed meeting students from all over the world while planning and hosting various retreats. When Katyanna was offered the position of Senior Yoga Teacher of a 200 hour yoga teacher training school in India, she was thrilled to return to a land that means so much to her. She moved back to India where she assisted aspiring teachers and shared in the gift of yoga.

Katyanna’s classes have a strong focus on connecting breath and movement, while allowing students the opportunity to observe the physical body. She believes in teaching with compassion by guiding the students to find the expression of the posture that is perfect for them. Katyanna has been with the studio since it was opened 6 years ago.

Katyanna teaches Vinyasa classes Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sat at Noon.


Why do I teach yoga?
In our increasingly busy lives, it seems that we spend a disproportionate amount of time as “human doings” rather than as “human beings.” I believe yoga is one of the most powerful antidotes to this modern dilemma. Yoga invites us to focus on our inner landscape, and encourages us to heighten our awareness of our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. Yoga teaches us to move mindfully -with humility, with strength, with compassion, with intention, with grace – not only on our mats, but through our lives.

I teach yoga because I aspire to inspire. I believe that we are capable of igniting a revolution from within our own selves. On our yoga mats, we practice not just the physical asanas. We practice loving ourselves unconditionally; we practice honouring our own limitations but also our unlimited potential; we practice consciously creating peace within ourselves. When we emerge from our yoga practice as renewed human beings, we radiate peace. We are ready to create an upward spiral that unites us all.

What can you expect from my classes?

In a class with me, you can expect a creative flowing practice that remains rooted in postural alignment. Each week I invite you to explore a theme that may resonate to your experience on and off the mat. I encourage you to (en)lighten up and play, and to be respectful of how your body responds in the moment. I challenge you to find strength that you perhaps didn’t know you had, and I challenge you to surrender when it feels right. Above all, I urge you to celebrate and be amazed by the wonder that is YOU.

Andrea Teaches Vinyasa Wednesdays at 5:15


Melissa appreciates the discipline of study and observation, while enthusiastically encouraging a joyful freedom of expression. This informs her playful flow class which calls attention to alignment and personal exploration. For her, there is a precious moment in yoga where all the un-serving, un-necessary worries and negative thoughts are stripped away, reducing a person to their core essence; pure, true, and beautiful. In a complimentary instant, the spirit is reinforced, swelling the heart and resting the mind. Yoga creates the space for healthy patterns to develop, for happiness, for acceptance, for peace. Yoga is the great unifying practice. Melissa practices yoga to reconnect with self, to open her mind and body, and to be reminded of our inner and ever present guiding light. Melissa has been with us since day one and we couldn’t be happier to have her teach Vinyasa to our students.

Melissa Teaches Tuesday 5:15 Vinyasa


Emily is easily excited, openly warm and has a way of making everyone in her presence feel a little more free. She has always been passionate about health and education and has been studying the human body and the art of teaching for over 10 years now. With a degree in Physical Health & Education and multiple yoga certifications she is continually expanding her understanding of holistic wellness. As a yoga teacher Emily strives to create a supportive environment for the body’s innate intelligence to balance physical, mental and emotional states so that you may experience the most vibrant version of yourself. She believes yoga is truly the best lifelong practice for sustainable wellness and has used the practice to restore her vitality as an athlete, a student and a teacher for over a decade now. Whether vinyasa, “slow flow”, yin or meditation, her teachings can be described as clear yet effortlessly relaxed with a sense of spaciousness, steadiness and ease. You will leave Emily‘s class feeling re-charged, re-centred and more connected to yourself.

Emily Teaches the Den’s Slow Flow Community Classes on Wednesdays  & Soul Jam classes on Mondays


I began teaching to share my insights and experiences of yoga through my self inquisition, and the information taught to me through my teachers and instructors. I believe in the traditions and teachings of those who come before me, but my classes aren’t necessarily traditional. I try to instil lightness and joy into the classes, to explore, to experiment, to create a space that’s accessible but challenging. Light but strong. Meditative, occasionally esoteric, but always with the intent to share in a deeper level of consciousness. Besides my passion for teaching and meditation, I’m a composer and a music producer by day. I firmly believe in the energetic power of music and use this energy to intentionally enhance the experiences of class. My classes have music as diverse, as fun, as serious and as intentional as the moment calls for.

Joel teaches energetic Vinyasa classes at the Den Sat/Sun 9am and Foundations Sat 10:30


Tracey’s classes are dedicated to Fluidity, Freedom and Fun. Her infectious smile warmly welcomes students of all ages and levels to embody a flow that rides the current of breath.

She is known for her positive energy and sense of humour which adds to her philosophy that yoga is full of joy and playfulness. Quoted as saying “I feel lucky to love what I do!” she shares a part of herself in every class. Her yoga comes from her heart, her personal practice, and life as she lives it.

Tracey’s passion for music promises a journey from start to finish. She encourages you to ride the waves of movement and stillness, creating magical moments to stand in awareness and a love for all that lies inside ourselves.

Graduating from McMaster University with a Physical Education Degree, she has dedicated her career to the health and wellness industry. She became a certified yoga instructor under the inspiration of Shiva Rea in 2006, and is Yoga Alliance certified as E-RYT 200hr.


Tracey Teaches Mon/Fri Noon classes and Monday/Thursday 5:15pm


Ande graduated from Our teacher training program and teaches from a supportive and grounded place -knowing that each individual has the opportunity to empower themselves through their yoga practice.

“Through my own experience I know yoga is a practice which gives space for an individual to curiously and compassionately explore within so they may see all that is there. Being able to embrace all aspects of oneself truly allows us to find empowerment and to show up for life with passion, purpose and love”.


Ande Teaches Evening & Weekend Yin classes as well as Gentle Yoga and Meditation on Thursdays nights.


Grace came to the practice of yoga with a strong athletic background and the intention of incorporating recovery techniques into a larger training regime. Over time the yoga took precedence over other practices. She completed her Sattva Yoga Teacher training with Rameen Peyrow in 2017 and has since interned at the Yoga Den.
Grace has a background in Vipassana and loves to incorporate meditation and breathing techniques into her classes. Currently she lives part time on Denman Island at a meditation centre where she is able to dedicate large periods of study towards insight and service.
Grace is now dedicated to sharing this mindfulness, peace and compassion with the world. She embodies these concepts with simple efficacy and keeps things light.
Yoga with Grace is a guided and clear experience that anoints you into a world of dynamic stillness.  Whole body systems health, joy and rejuvenation are the result of sustained practice. Her students love showing up on a regular basis!
Grace Teaches Tuesday 6:45am and  Meditation Mondays at 7:15am at the Den.

Nicole M

The Om Work Project® visionary Nicole is a vibrant being who believes in the benefit of a physical yoga practice for all bodies; her training is in traditional hatha and yin. Nicole believes that everyday is a beautiful day to have a beautiful day, and you might hear just her singing those words one morning.  Nicole is passionate about discovering and supporting the best attributes in each person she meets and her offerings empower individuals to blossom. When Nicole is not teaching high school, running her non-profit or doing yoga  she will most likely be found at the ocean or in the mountains.

Nicole is a community creator and connector, and she is grateful to be a part of the beauty at the Fernwood Yoga Den.

Nicole Teaches Sunday Noon Foundations


Yoga has inspired me to show up fully both on and off my mat. My practice is continually evolving and changing, however one element that remains consistent is its ability to anchor me to the present moment. Yoga has become interconnected in all parts of my life, grounding and connecting me to what is truly important.

I love the practice of Vinyasa yoga due to its dynamic flow and the opportunity to rinse and cleanse your body, mind and spirit during each practice. I encourage students to show up big on their mat, regardless of their ability or experience. When you come to a class with me you will be met wherever you are in your practice and inspired to move through a flowing yoga sequence that is playful, yet challenging.

Kate Teaches our Friday 5pm Vinyasa to end your week!

Nicole S

Yoga first came into Nicole’s life when she was working towards a career as a nurse. The practice showed Nicole how we can heal the body through movement, breath and stillness. Yoga allowed her to feel more inspired and excited to support people with preventative methods of health promotion. Nicole is now studying holistic nutrition and shares a yoga practice that treats the body in its whole and complete form.

Nicole S teaches 6:45 Sattva Thursday Mornings


Kevin practices and guides yoga, dance, and wellness arts in ways that hone intuition and promote empowerment from a place of integrity.

Through a 10-year career as a ballet/modern dancer and an endless love of yoga, he has come to an intimate knowledge of the body. His passion for empowerment through the body is based on traditions ranging from Tantric Shaivism to Hatha, musical theater to classical Indian music, ballet to martial arts.

With luck and discipline, he has had the opportunity to study and share regularly in San Francisco, New York, Germany, France, India, and Bali. All of these cultures cast their own imprint on Kevin’s offerings.

His practice weaves modern viewpoints with the timeless wisdom of yoga, dance, and holistic medicine which support us all to develop an infinite curiosity about our connection inward to our core, outward to a full, filling life, and all the wonder in between.

He is currently based in Victoria, BC and Bali, and continues to share his offerings internationally.
To learn more, visit www.kevinyeechan.com

Kevin Teaches Sunday Yoga at 4:00 & Sunday Yin at 6, Monday 6:45am Vinyasa, and Wednesday evening Restorative at 7pm, Thursday Qi Hatha at 9:15am


Creative and introspective, Meg is a dreamer. The practice of yoga in its many forms has nurtured profound shifts in Meg‘s life and continues to support her growth and expansion. Meg initially began practicing yoga as a means to strengthen and rehabilitate her body following a head on collision in 2012, and the practice offered her so much more than she expected to find. Yoga offered Meg space to look inward and connect with self and spirit, gifting her new appreciation for her life.

Meg is passionate about supporting others to explore an inward gaze and she is immensely grateful to share her offerings with the community at the Yoga Den. An avid student and teacher of Vinyasa Yoga, Meg’s classes are thoughtfully sequenced and delivered with accessibility in mind and a focus on breath and presence.

Meg Teaches 6:45am Vinyasa on Wednesdays and 5pm Vinyasa on Fridays


Flo graduated from the Fernwood Yoga Den Teacher Training in Fall 2016, and has been teaching since then in Victoria. She teaches Kids Yoga (Rainbow Kids Yoga Certified Instructor), subs at the Den and leads two regular weekly adults classes with Quadra Village Community Centre. She is motivated to bring the magic of yoga to all. Her classes are simple and accessible, and through encouraging gentle listening and body awareness, she focuses on releasing tension and cultivating compassion and mindfulness.

Flo’s Kids Yoga classes combine dance, song, breathing, relaxing, creativity and GAMES to provide a humble introduction to yoga, mindfulness and tools for self regulation, that are not only fun but also such wonderful gifts for the rest of our lives!


Kids Yoga drop in (ages 4-8) is every Thursday 3:30-4:30


Bio Coming Soon:)


Marisa Sako

I marry anatomical geekery and therapeutics seamlessly with meditative, metronomic flow. What makes my style of vinyasa stand out is its purposeful sequencing, creative transitions, and cleansing pranayama. Come to class and experience finely detailed instruction with time and space to find comfort in the sonorous sound of the ujjayi breath. I’ve been teaching since 2006, and although Kula Style is my first love, heavily laden with mid-flow inversions, strong bandha work, and sweating one’s heart out, I also trained in teaching therapeutics on an Iyengar-style rope wall as well as yoga for backcare and scoliosis in my 500-hour training with Alison West in New York. My approach was further re-shaped by physiotherapists when I earned a certificate from three Physigyoga Method. As a result, I’ve had extensive experience working one-on-one with students rehabbing from injuries or seeking relief from a wide range of medical conditions. This is what has led me to enroll in the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program at Pacific Rim College.

Right now you can find Marisa subbing all over the schedule and she will be teaching Saturday Hatha 10:30-11:15 this fall.




Carrie is a Naturopathic Doctor, Yoga Teacher and Educator. She holds a full time faculty position at Pacific Rim College in the areas of Nutrition, Chinese Medicine and Anatomy. Carrie is interested in the ongoing relationship of anatomy, movement and psychology.  Her yoga anatomy teaching explores the connection between sensation and experience while offering precise mobility work to develop flexibility, strength and greater movement possibilities. She is passionate about offering information that translates into practical and personal development.


Fernwood Yoga Den is inclusive of everyone and we encourage you to join us for a class, whether it’s your first time or you’ve been practicing for years. Our community of students, practitioners and teachers is warm and welcoming and we invite you to share our space. First class just $5.