Class Schedules

We have a wide range of classes and workshops for all levels. Whether it’s your first time practicing, you’re advancing into teacher training or you’re simply passionate about the art of yoga, we have something that will suit you and your practice.


This 4-week movement series is designed to support women through the transformative journey into motherhood. Through breath, dynamic movement, and relaxation, we will build stability and strength in the body to maximize its resiliency during the physically and emotionally demanding processes of pregnancy and birth (and beyond). Each week we will explore a new topic specific to pregnancy and learn tools to address common concerns, while having an opportunity to check-in as a group from week to week. Women in any stage of pregnancy are welcome.

Sumdays 9-10am

$58/4 week series

A yoga class to bring you back to the joy of community. Find your socially spacious spot to practice in the grass, and move together in a class that is part yoga, part dance, and all fun. All ages welcome- let’s celebrate summer together.

Quick tip: show up with a mask and a mat, and set them both down once you find a spacious spot.

Proceeds go to the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria. To make a direct, tax deductible donation, visit

Roll & Release

Julie Gallant

Join Julie for a 60 minute ball rolling workshop. This class will support you in becoming an active part of the recovery, maintenance and/or improvement of your body’s muscular and fascial systems. This workshop will focus on releasing common areas of tension. Get ready to feel increased mobility & softness, but most importantly – confidence and motivation to take charge of the maintenance of your body. 

Sunday. August 16, 9-10am


A playful, mindful, soulful camp for your favorite littles. This is a chance for kids to connect over games, activities and fun with friends under the guidance of our favorite kids yoga teacher!

Foundational Yoga

Dr. Carrie Watkins

For those who want to keep developing their yoga practice, or for anyone interested in developing progressive strength and mobility and exploring more complex poses.

We will start with a solid review the foundations of yoga and continue to build on that practice over the course of 4 weeks.

Sundays 9-10:15am
Sept 19, 27, Oct 4, 11
$78 / 4 classes

For the curious practitioner with a desire to transmute intentional effort toward easeful joy in their asana practice. This series is for all levels.

With the intersection of yogic & taoist (pronounced dào-ist) movement principles, and a focus on stance work & transitions, you will lay the foundations necessary to meet complex postures with increased ease. Curiosity and patience encouraged.

The Tao translates to ‘the way’. Kevin draws techniques for the Tao of Yoga from traditions of yoga, qigong, and dance. Together, they weave into a way of movement that is at once accessible, medicinal, and a rhythmic foundation for joy through living.

Sept 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25
$108 / 6 classes

Teacher Training

This Yoga Alliance-certified course, is designed to create a foundation into personal ritual that provides a visceral experience of the practices of yoga. Only then can you share these teachings with others.